The quality of our relationships to others and how we value ourselves is what brings meaning to our lives. When these relationships, and our sense of self is damaged, we lose our  balance  and experience a variety of emotions that overwhelm our sense of well being.

As a therapist, I work to build a caring, supportive environment with each individual in the therapeutic relationship. Understanding our unique set of skills and willingness to learn new strategies, helps us to be  resilient  in the face of change and allows each of us to move forward in our exploration of personal issues. These issues might include self-worth, loss and grief, relationships with others: in our families, with friends, with our intimate partners, our sexuality and how we understand and express it, and our spiritual experience of the world around us.

I encourage clients to take an active role in the challenging work of learning  acceptance  of ourselves in our everyday life. Therapeutic techniques used include: solution-focused therapy, family of origin work, trauma/recovery and cognitive/behavioral approach. 

You can learn more about my treatment style, goals of therapy, or find intake paperwork here on my site. If you’d like to schedule a session or if you have any questions, give me a call.